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Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Anchor February 2011. Lead Story


Death of Trader: Police recover phones, seek key strangers in...
The inside of the ill fated car and Abed Nyamai(inset)

A Dodgy trail

By Anchor Reporters

VITAL clues are emerging over the killing of a leading Machakos Busi-nessman Abednego Nyamai. De-tails reaching The Anchor say police have recovered two of his phones as they were being used in Nairobi. One of the recovered phones -Abed’s airtel line- was found with a lowly woman still in police custody as we went to press. The other line- safaricom- was re-covered from a driver of the breakdown vehicle that towed Abed’s car from the scene of murder. Police sources say the driver, upon being traced through Safaricom satellite systems said he collected the phone from the scene after he had hoisted the vehicle in readiness to tow it to the Central Police Station. Police sources indicate that they are pursuing indications that Abed pulled into another hotel room in the City Centre on the fateful night, where he met with a woman in an attempt to resolve a matter that had triggered threats to his life. It is emerging that some known people had been calling the businessman to issue death threats, a matter that forced him to seek to be armed urgently. Abed was shot dead on the night of December 30 2010 in Nairobi as he re-turned home from an outing in Naivasha. Sources tell The Anchor that investigators seem to have a clue as to who pulled the trigger and why, since threats to his life were well known to the police, his family and friends. A visit to Naivasha where police tried to retrace his last movements did not reveal much as they discovered that he had used a false name to book into his hotel room on the fateful night. Was Abed accompanied to his room by anyone? Police were told that records kept at the hotel did not indicate any accompaniment and police were still asking themselves what a man would be up to by driving nearly 200 Kms away from home, spending nearly eight hours alone in a room and them zoom away to meet his death shortly thereafter. Police believe that he had a female companion The known accounts of his stay at the hotel indicate that he pulled into the hotel before 6pm, paid for his room and checked in. Some minutes after 7pm, Abed, also known as Kikuyu or Kapendo was in the bar. While at the bar, he invited a Machakos resident also lounging at the hotel for a drink. But when the resident arrived, Abed had al-ready left the bar, a behavior quite typical of him. Hotel staff say he left the hotel at 2am- al-though police now believe he may have left much earlier. Our sources indicate police may have come across crucial information after analyzing his phone details and establishing the people he may have spoken to prior and during and after his stay in the hotel room, enroute to Nairobi. The investigation has had to deal with speculations that he had been accompanied to Naivasha by a son of a wealthy businessman from Machakos. But those who saw him in Naivasha told the police that he was alone. But this does not rule out the possibility that he may have been accompanied by a secret companion as Abed was one of the most secretive men of Machakos Town. Speculation has it that Abed may have caught up with his killers at some spot in Nairobi, culminating in what appeared to be a chase. The chase was ended when he rammed at the rear of a bus, veering off the road. The sequence f events here are baffling as there is no clear information as to whether the bus driver saw what happened thereafter. But he stopped his bus near the Petrol Station on Agip House and walked back to the scene- some upwards of 100 meters and found Abed lifeless. Clearly, though the bus driver never saw anyone, Abed had been visited by a set of visitors. The first set shot him and took his gun. There is also speculation that they helped themselves to some cash in his vehicle as Abed always had a lot of cash on him at every given time. Whether the assailants were passengers in the vehicle is yet another puzzle for forensic experts to unravel. Post mortem results show Abed had a freshly bruised left hand, indications that he had struggled with his killers at some point. But the fact that an empty cartridge was found in the vehicle means that the killer shot was fired by some-one from inside the vehicle even if the assailant was not necessarily a passenger in Abed’s Prado. Abed was found with his gun’s holster in-tact but the weapon was missing. It is un-known if the killers stole the gun as police suspect that Abed may have lost his gun at the Nairobi hotel encounter with the shadowy woman- who may have been accompanied by men who eventually took his life. It is alleged that Abed had withdrawn Sh 3m in cash from a Machakos bank before em-barking on his fateful journey. His vehicle’s glove box had been broken into and reports indicate there is no trace on how he may have used the money. The second set of visitors were Nairobi’s hangers-on. By the time the us driver went to report the accident at Central Police Station, the street commanders had turned his pockets inside-out, relieved Abed of his shoes and other personal effects that his assailants may have had no use for. Could Abed have been a victim of Nairobi Crime? Could he have been targeted after his Naivasha liaison? Who is this woman Abed met at the City Hotel? Could she have been the same Naivasha liaison? If that is the case could it have been a woman whose passion was contested? Or could it have been a deal gone sour? These are the questions that police are beset with as they wade through thousands of words from the statements they have recorded from witnesses. Meanwhile, Abed’s body was interred in a plot next to his palatial home within Machakos Municipality. His burial was embroiled in controversy. Much as his final farewell was to be on January 8, 2011 after his death, it never was to be after the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government invoked the law under cap 265 to bar burying of the tycoon within his compound. The burial committee headed by Machakos Lawyer Mr James Aaron Makau were stunned when a day into the much publicized burial, the PS Professor Karega Mutahi wrote revoking Machakos Municipal Mayor verbal authority to burry the deceased within the town’s Leased Plots . To beat the hiccup the family discreetly bought an acre of free hold land at a cost of Sh 2.4m one hundred meters from his house where they buried him

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