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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Anchor October 2011. Fr Makewa Trial

Fr. Makewa gun fired
at Priest, says expert
 A ballistic report reveals that four spent cartridges recovered from scene where a catholic priest was shot were from the short gun licensed to Suspended Father John Wambua Makewa. (pictured) 

Mr. J Nthiwa, a superintendent of police certified that the pallets were shot from Fr Makewa’s Short gun and added that the priest’s other firearm- a Revolver had not fired s hot and was surrendered with all issues of ammunition intact.

The ballistic Expert said the two guns that were handed over to him from Father Makewa were in good working condition and were indeed used though he could not tell exactly when they were lastly used. The said guns where said to have been made in the Czeck Republic.

He was testifying before Makueni Principal Magistrate Joseph Karanja where Fr Makewa is facing charges of attempting to murder Fr Fidellis Nzuki.

The offence is alleged to have been committed in the Parish residence of Fr Makewa where Fr Nzuki was visiting on the night of March 21, 2010. Fr Makewa has denied the charge and is out on a Sh 50,000 bond. He faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

In the last hearing, Makueni DCIO Mr. Joseph Mumira testified on March 21, 2010 at 6:45 am, he was called at the Wote police station and informed of an alleged attempted robbery at Makewa’s residence. He visited the residence in the company of Constables Odhiambo and Ngure. They did not find Fr. Makewa at the scene. When he arrived, they asked what had happened and he told them that robbers invaded the house at 2:30 A.M., demanding money. He said he fought them back. He said he came out with his short gun and chased them towards the gate. In the process, he alleged his shotgun got lost and rushed back to the house and picked his pistol and went back to purse the thieves. He reported he shot three times with his pistol. The police asked to be shown from what point he was shooting. Police combed the area searching for  spent cartridges but found none. They went into the house and found a pool of blood where the injured priest had fallen. They searched in the house and outside the house and never recovered any spent cartridge.

A CID officer who visited the scene within minutes of the incident Mr. P. Ngura,  said he combed the area together with 10 CIDs Officers and collected two spent cartridges. He told the magistrate that from analysis on the scene, there was no evidence whatsoever to show that there were intruders or thieves.

There were no foot prints in the compound and the gate and the fence of the compound were intact. 

Mr. Ngure told the attentive court that when he was handed the licenses for the guns from Father Makewa he realized that Father Makewa had been issued with 38 rounds of ammunitions which he had not surrendered. Mr. Ngure swiftly demanded for the ammo, which Father Makewa surrendered.

The case continues on October 31, when the last witness takes the dock,

Mr. Gerald Mutuku the Parish cook told the magistrate that he woke up at around 5:00 a.m. and rushed to the Mission, 100 metres away and he did not encounter or see anybody within the premises.

The gates were intact and the house  which  housed all the priest was locked and he used his keys to gain access to the house. As he walked from his house he covered his head with heavy clothing to protect himself from hearing downpour.

He immediately went to the kitchen and lit candles because there was power blackout and started preparing breakfast and before the tea could boil, he heard loud gun shots with its echo being heard from the outside.

This scared him and made him to put off the candles he was using to illuminate the kitchen.

He even switched off the gas he was using. He testified that he heard Father Makewa talk and later heard Father Fidelis Nzuki scream and call for help from the priest who were in the house.

As the shots continued Mr. Mutuku took cover in the kitchen. He only managed to move when priests and nuns from the surrounding block came to assist Father Nzuki. They moved him from the scene where he was laying in a pool of blood and was taken to hospital.

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