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Friday, 8 February 2013

Battle for Kilome

Battle to succeed
Mwau in Kilome

By Jonathan Mutiso

Kilome constituency is become one of the most hotly contested areas in the whole county with the cash money MP exiting for a higher seat.

With the clause no to money during the campaign period Kilome is one of the constituencies whereby one must be prepared to spend millions of shillings this being only 5 years after “boss” drove the whole constituency crazy with his big money which was so welcomed by the people and this earned him a seat as an MP.
John Harun Mwau(pictured) who succeeded Mr Mutinda Mutiso, now Kenya’s ambassador to Tanzania after a rough contest as big money circulated with the use of choppers and Range Rovers spend millions to secure the seat after several failed attempts to be MP.
After serving for one term Mwau is on his way for a bigger post in the Senate, a seat being hotly contested by the most senior politicians in the Makueni - Kaiti MP Gideon Ndambuki, and Mbooni MP Mutula Kilonzo.
On his exit from Kilome many have launched their campaigns on the seat with Jonathan Mukima,  a teacher by profession and one who served in the CDF for five years and as Principal, started Integrated Training College under the ABC church
Mukima is contesting the seat along with a university lecturer at the Pwani University in IT and Mathematics Mr. Jonathan Mativo. Mativo started IT classes 2 years ago aiming to eliminate idleness in the district and empower youth and the elderly as they prepare for the county system governments. To date, he claims to have educated over 4000 residents.
Mr  T. Zambia a dealer in school supplies is also another contestant for the seat.  Business woman  Mrs Regina Ndambuki who was on the same race year 2007 is back in the Wiper Democratic movement and believes she’s the people’s choice. She has remained in touch since her defeat in 2007. Regina has been a diehard follower of the wiper party.
The Kabaka brothers are at it again. Since 1992, the elder Kabaka has tried in vain to be elected and the equation has not been made better since the entry of his sibling and the race may well take the face of a family contest. They come from a family with tough ideas that Kilome people seem unsure can help the constituency as the voters apparently find them unelectable, yet non of them can let go the contest for a brother.
With the five being the most visible, the competition  will be a tough one since every one of them have been to the ground for a long time mobilizing and each believes the voting block is already  formed,yet none of them seems to please the people enough to be the front runner.
Observers believe that Kilome voters are too bored with the contestants as they do not have pockets that are as deep as Mwau's, hennce running unexciting and dry campaigns. " I think Mwau has left these voters spoilt. They know that there is nothing exciting or attractive from the seemingly relatively poor contestants, said a political commentator Mr Kimeu Musyimi.
Though the competition is too tough, Mukima seems to have a soft spot with the church and teachers who appear to be his great supporters.

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