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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

New Strategy

Dr(C) poses for a picture with all Machakos County MPs
New Strategy for 
Kalonzo succession

By Anchor Reporters

Signs are emerging on the possibility of eclipsing Kalonzo Musyoka from the region’s politics in coming days.
Clear re-alignments are emerging as a result of the outcome of the last general election that left Mr Musyoka in the cold and by nature, necessitated the need to re-arrange the political set up and close in the vacuum that his defeat, along with Ex-Prime Minister Raila Odinga occasioned to Ukambani politics.

New kingpins are emerging, young, energetic and fearless to tinker with the new order and close ranks to deliver on their promises in the hope that they will keep their power bases intact as the old gourd looks for a new footing in defeat.
It explains why only early this month, six Machakos County MPs  vowed to put their personal interests   aside and unite in championing the interests of the community.
The MPs Dr.Victor Munyaka,Itwiku Mbai,Francis Mwangangi,Patrick Makau,Robert Mbui,Katatha Maweu,Vincent Musyoka and county Women Representative Dr.Susan Musyoka noted unity was crucial in taking the county to the next level.
The most telling act in the declaration was with whom the MPs took their stand. They were hosted by Machakos Governor Dr Afred Mutua at Mavoko after a week’s sojourn in Tanzania where they transacted business unknown to their electors in Machakos.
Those who know what is going on see the symbolism in the unity pledge as beating the drums of war in preparation of an expected onslaught as the new order inevitable attempts to entrench itself and eclipse the old.
In a statement read by Maweu,the MPs who paid a courtesy call on Machakos Governor Dr,Alfred Mutua at Mavoko offices in Athi River resolved to support Dr Mutua to realize his dream for the county.
“We as Machakos County MPs declare that we are working in solidarity and full support of the Governor for the success of his development agenda for the county”, said the MPs. The pledge to support Dr Mutua comes in the face of an open war between Dr Mutua and Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama- a close ally of Kalonzo that has been raging vene before they became senator and governors of Machakos.
The pledge came as Muthama hosted a meeting of professionals at Maanzoni Lodge, a forum he used to rubbing Dr Mutua’s leadership of the county.
It has not been however stated that the stakes being sought is the leadership of the Akamba but all signs are there that a new direction is emerging even as Kalonzo remains a leading force in Kamba politics. The question however remains: Just for how much longer can Kalonzo remain in that position when he is playing from outside the field? How can he manage to fight when he is out of the ring and gasping for breath in terms of space and finances to keep an unmistakable visibility?
Inevitably, a reality is emerging that change is beckoning- primarily due to the fact that the last election produced young, courageous, educated leaders especially in Machakos most of whom who were shunned by the Wiper party and had to seek other parties to be in the House. In Makueni the same spirit appears unrelenting after the election of leaders not so enthusiastic about Kalonzo, among them Governor Kivutha Kibwana.
These youthful leaders are seen as potential successors of Kalonzo and the question is when and not if this will happen. It is not lost on anyone that Prof Kibwana, Dr Mutua and Kilonzo Jnr. have a good working relationship and are casting their eyes far and wide in the political theatre.
However  Makueni Governor Prof. Kibwana has fired the first direct salvo at Kalonzo telling him to keep off Makueni politics. Comenting on turmoil between him and his county assembly, Kibwana said in a bold post on the Makueni Government website " It is unfortunate that the Budget crisis in the County Assembly is being led by wiper MCAs who are Majority in the assembly. I have told Kalonzo Musyoka this. We dont want interference in Makueni County. I now believe more than before that Kalonzo, Muthama (and others) should let Kibwezi West people choose a leader of their choice without imposition. We must break from the past of the people’s right to choose being taken away from them. Makueni County should be left alone to chart its own destiny.” The writings are indeed on the wall.
The case is somewhat different in Kitui County where an old man-Dr Julius Malombe was elected Governor together with an octogenarian senator David Musila- both of who are seen as purveyors of the old order. Even then, the reality that Mrs. Charity Ngilu hails from Kitui and is the only figure in the Centre of actual national power has left local leadership in virtual paralysis as she plays in a league they cannot access.
Their remarks during the meeting with Dr Mutua revealed it all… that the community had regressed due to infighting and divisions among past elected leaders and said the only way residents could develop and reap maximum fruits of devolution is when the community leaders spoke with one voice.
They said top on their development priorities is the provision of clean water to all households and health care services.
Dr.Mutua welcomed the MPs’ new found spirit of team work saying there will be no meaningful development unless elected leaders moved in one direction and spoke with one voice.
“Leadership is not about Dr.Mutua as governor or these MPs but finding solutions to the problems facing the community”,said the governor.
He said the community needed to move out the slavery of poverty and this was not possible when leaders were divided. Critics of Kalonzo typically indict him of a self-centered leadership that has superintended as poverty advanced frighteningly in Ukambani.
Makau who is the MP for Mavoko said they impressed with Dr.Mutua’s style of leadership, especially his drive to woo investors to the county.
Dr.Munyaka said local leaders had resolved to burry divisive politics which have bedeviled the county and Ukambani in general for decades in favor of prosperity.
To underline what they meant, all the MPs chose to ignore the Maanzoni meeting that Muthama had called as did a majority of County Assembly Members who, too, have been working closely with the Governor.

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