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Monday, 3 February 2014

Time to Leave

Kivutha wants 
Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka
Kalonzo out of the way

By Anchor Reporter

THE political wars in Ukambani are taking a new twist with former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka being challenged to exit the scene for Governor Alfred Mutua.

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana said Kalonzo’s long tenure in public life as MP since 1985 was along enough and it was time he left the scene for dynamic people. Since he entered politics, Kalonzo’s performance in known to everyone. After all this while, it is ideal to leave the scene, Kivutha concluded and urged Kamba leaders to ignore outbursts by Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama and instead concentrate on their development programme.
Speaking during the launch of rehabilitation of Machakos-Wote Highway by the Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua and himself at Kola which falls under the jurisdiction of both counties, Prof. Kibwana called on Machakos leaders led by the Governor to soldier on with their development agenda and not get engaged in unnecessary exchanges with Muthama, who he described as a loose cannon senator.
It is the first time Kivutha is taking such a firm stand aganisnt Kalonzo, although those who know both leaders know that they have never shared a political vision. Kivutha comes from Kenya’s reform brigate and is a towering figure in change politics both nationally and at home, while Kalonzo is an establishment mandarin who sprouted and was protected by the repressive Kanu regime until he somersaulted to opposition politics when it became evident that Kanu was facing defeat in the 2002 general elections.
Kivutha was elected as Governor for Makueni outside the shadow of Kalonzo under the Muungano Party and floored Kalonzo’s Wiper candidate then Prof Philip Kaloki who has since left the Wiper party and cut off links with Kalonzo, who was defeated along with Raila Odinga under the Cord banner in their quest for the Deputy Presidency and Presidency respectively in the 2013 elections.
In unprecedented show of Kamba unity, the two governors were accompanied by their respective deputies-Bernard Kiala, Machakos and Adelina Mwau, Makueni; Members of Parliament Hon. Victor Munyaka, Machakos Town, Hon. Makenga Kaiti, and Hon. Itwiku Mbai, Masinga; a number of Members from both Counties’ Executive and several Members of County Assembly from both counties.
Also, Prof Kibwana said he did not see Dr. Mutua as a competitor, but rather as a development oriented Governor who should be emulated. Prof. Kibwana paid a glowing tribute to Dr. Mutua saying that he needed support from all members of the community for he is capable of delivering them to the Promised Land. He did not elaborate which is the promised land but the term can be interpreted to mean either development of State House.
Kibwana challenged senior politicians in Ukambani singling out former vice president Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka, Lands Cabinet Secretary Hon. Charity Ngilu and himself to start mentoring Dr. Mutua and other young leaders to prepare them for national leadership.
“There will be a time when the old guard will exit the leadership scene and without young prepared leaders to take over, the community will be sidelined.” Kibwana said.
Dr Mutua did not respond to the now constant criticism by  Senator Muthama, instead asking the electorate judge him by his deeds. “Elections and politicking are long behind us and leaders should focus their attention on serving the people. After five years, judge me by what I will have done.”
Muthama’s latest attacks came on BBC’s Sema Kenya Programme and at a protest rally along the Nairobi Mombasa Highway in Athi River where he addressed striking boda boda operators. Muthama has rubbished all actions Mutua is doing to develop Machakos County, saying that they are riddled with corruption.
Observers see the showdown between Mutua and Muthama as representative of the quest to succeed Kalonzo, whose leadership has left the community in a ditch only a focused leadership can reclaim it.
“It’s a shame that 50 years after independence there are leaders who would rather see the people impoverished so that they can depend on politicians for handouts.” Dr Mutua remarked. Machakos Governor said his government is keen on serving the people and empower them economically
The two governors pledged to work in unison to bring development to the people. They urged the contractor of the road to give priority to the locals, construct a standard road, listen to the locals to know areas that need special attention such as culverts and ensure that he beats the deadline set. They pledged to tarmac more roads to open up the counties for investments. The road will cost more than Ksh.135m and is being funded by the national government.

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