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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bursary Offers: August 2011

Mutungoni Academy
offers bursaries
By Jonathan Mutiso
Over 50 total orphans boys and girls from Kathiani constituency and elsewhere have something to rejoice as they receive full education sponsorship.The 50 who are studying at Mutungoni Academy in Athiriver  a school which was started in 1997 and among the best schools in performance in Athiriver district have since  2000 been benefiting from this free education under the leadership of the school director Mr Robert Mbui.

Mr. Mbui who is the grandson of Retired Chief of General Staff Gen J.K.Mulinge told journalists in his office that he was following the footsteps of his grand father the first African to get the rank of the Chief of General Staff (CGS).
He said the children he was helping as a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  on his part and make a return to the society . In the same institution Mr. Mbui said that many students have gone through the full course from primary to secondary and performed well.
“I try my level best to ensure that the pupils enjoy as the others who have both parents and well up families. There is neither separation nor discrimination to anyone, they all have equal rights and needs someone to care for them”, said Mbui.
The beneficiaries are mostly total orphans and the very poor whose relatives are unable to raise fees. Mr Mbui said his intention of to have children enjoy education even after  a child looses a parent.
Mr Mbui said that the school also considers the child’s own ability before a sponsorship is considered. Currently two children are  benefiting from full sponsorship in all classes from primary to secondary level under these circumstances.
“ For me to sponsor these  children, I toured a neighboring children’s home where I saw how they suffered without parents or relatives, so I decided to give back to the society through helping them get the right education,”  he added.
Mr. Mbui said he sometimes faces big challenges when a parent dies on the eve of exams, forcing the management to keep this as a secret  till the child writes the  examinations since in many times it has affected the performance of the child.
Mbui said he may run for parliament in 2012 in Kathiani constituency since people need a focused person in development. “Up to this moment I have done a lot to my people and I need to do more”, He said.

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