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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Leadership- August 2011

Choose able leaders- Ngilu

By Boniface Mulu

Water and Irrigation Minister, Mrs. Charity Kaluki Ngilu,  has told Kenyan citizens that they have the power to make difference in their  lives by choosing  a  good leadership in the next elections. The minister said that time had come  for  Kenyans to take things into our hands. “The people of this country  have suffered enough
through bad governance and enough is enough,” she said.  “The people must wake up,” the minister further said.

She announced that she had already begun  registering members for her National Rainbow Coalition (NARC)  political party throughout the country to strengthen it in readiness for the  country’s next general elections.
She called upon her Kitui Central  constituents to support her party by registering themselves as members in large  numbers. She announced that she had opened the party’s new office in  Kitui town. The minister was speaking  to hundreds of her Kitui  Central constituents at the local Constituency Development Fund (CDF) office  when she presented cheques for S h 1m from the National Youth  Development Fund to some 20 youth groups from the area, each group benefitting  with  Sh 50,000. Ngilu said the current change in political leadership in Kenya started in the Kitui Central constituency. “I was on the frontline in  the anti-KANU regime campaigns in the country that ousted Kanu administration several years later,” Ngilu  said.
The minister said the Kitui County leaders had started to  work to develop the county for the good of their people. She said that the counties funds allocations by the government will fund general  development for the county including the schools, water, hospitals and roads.
 The minister once again declared that all the government contracts in Kitui will no longer be given to outsiders. “The contracts will be being given  to the local people alone for the benefits of our people. The contractors from  outside have impoverished Kitui and the contracts  will not be given  to them  from now. The contracts are for  our people,” the minister declared. “We are going to bring tourists into the  area as part of development for our people,” she said. “We must make strong  team and our unity for our own good,” the minister said.
Ngilu lambasted her male predecessors (former Kitui Central Members of Parliament)-James Nzau Muimi, Eliud  Ngala Mwendwa, Daniel Musyoka Mutinda, John Kimanzi Mutinda, Titus Kitili  Mbathi and George Mutua Ndoto for failing the area in terms of development.
She castigated them for practically doing nothing during their terms. The minister donated some soles worth Sh 150,000 , tailoring machines worth Sh 720,000  and Barber’s shaving machines worth Sh 130,000 from the local CDF to the Kitui town  shoe shiners, tailors and barbers  to promote them in their businesses.
The  minister also paid from the CDF the Kitui based Eastview Driving School  director some  Sh 345,000 shillings to  train the local taxi motorbike  operators to have them acquire quality motorbike driving skills.
Addressing the  function, the Ukamba Economic Empowerment Association chairman Mr. Kennedy  Ngumbau Mulwa, said that Ngilu is one of the most powerful ministers in Kenya.  “We are out to work with the minister for the good of the people of our Kitui  County,” Mulwa said.
The function was also addressed by the Kitui County Youth  Affairs Director Stephen Kitonga Salee.

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