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Saturday, 7 July 2012

June- July 2012: Machakos School

Machakos School
roars back to life

JUBILANT students in victory dance outside the new administration block
By Jonathan Mutiso

MACHAKOS School has dramatically sprung back to  academic scales.It registered an improved performance by registering a mean score of 9.05 up from 8.04  in 2010 results in a surprise comeback after years of turmoil.

The top three  Boys in Machakos County were Kimanthi Wycliffe,Odera Hamprey Zurua and Ngila J. Mutune were from the school.
The Chief Principal of the school Mr Masaku Muiya says the success is due to organized academic programs, dedicated staff and committed parents.
Mr Muiya  appreciates the Board of Governors chaired by Machakos Lawyer Mr Phillip Mulwa, PTA and dear parents for responding to their  passionate appeal to support  the schools and its endeavors.
 The school topped the in the list of top schools in Eastern province  in last year’s KCSE  results. Other schools  which posted good results were Machakos Girls, Mumbuni Boys High school, Muindi Mbingu mixed secondary school that was elevated to a provincial school, Mikuini secondary and Mumbuni Girls.
Muiya  said in an intyerview “I attribute the success of the students to their hard work inspite of the fact that they did the exam from outside the school due to unavoidable circumstances. We hope this year we will have a smooth time and will not have students sitting for their exams outside the school premises” he said.
Muiya said  discipline has tremendously improved and generally the school infrastructure is constantly being improved.
Students expressed a determination to put the past behind them and vowed to work extra hard to create a more competitive environment for the other schools in the county and the country as a whole.
 ”We are happy because we have improved in the mean score  as the school transforms to be a national school.
BoG members   called upon the government to employ more teachers to the school so as to deal with the backlog of work that is in the school following the increase of intake of students after the school was promoted a national school last year.
 Muiya says due to improvement of the facilities, the working and learning environment has greatly improved, boosting the morale of both teachers and students. “My vision is to refocus the school by transforming it to a reputable institution that nurtures the boys into future responsible men who value integrity, excellence and who will serve the nation and the world with confidence and compassion” Masaku said during an interview with The Anchor.
 He said success factors for the education sector are the teaching and learning elements, which when performed well and are achieved, the institution succeeds substantially in attaining its goals and objectives.
 “The goals of the school’s mission statement have been turned into detailed supporting goals and objectives. The premise of this ideal is to foster a shared educational perspective and commitment among staff members” the principal said.
 He reported to Machakos School towards the end of 2009 and found it drifting to infamy. He said at the time that he wished to encourage teachers and students to work hard, both in class and co-curricular activities to shape the destiny f the school. This seems to be working after a few years as Principal.
Machakos School has a long established reputation in education and has produced a long list of leaders, entrenching itself as a centre of academic excellence.  This reputation is attributed to the noble role the institution has played over the years in  production of great personalities, who have contributed immensely to the society, both locally and internationally.
 Since its inception in 1950 ,Machakos school has been highly regarded in line with the school motto “ Ui Wi Mbee”, which literary means that knowledge is a priority.
  He said several measures and initiatives have so far been put in place to ensure that the school is restored to its lost “former glory”.
 Improvements in the school include a modern administration block.This year, improvements includes installation of lighting at the outer gate, construction of a new gate, painting of the classrooms and the dining hall, landscaping of the school compound and provision of text books for the library have been carried out. The school is currently erecting chain link fence to enhance security for boys in the school.
 The library also received books and CD’s  from US based Prof Jude Ndambuki. He donated a total of 700 books and the reserve section has been stocked with revision materials from various districts and various revision books.Prof Ndambuki has been in the forefront in enhancing computer literacy in Ukambani Schools in his quest to rid the community of poverty.
Machakos school has introduced extra lessons and reorganized the library by converting the Assembly Hall from a place of meetings to a reading area.
 “We can confidently say that Machakos school is the place where all students want to study and live in as they grow in all aspects of their lives” said Masaku. The demand for better performance from the school has been heightened by its elevation to a National School.
 This elevation calls for upgrading of virtually all facilities and standards to match those of schools like Alliance and Mangu, a feat that calls for serious dedication and resolve. It is a tall order indeed.

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