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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Makueni: Mutula, Ndambuki, Mwau at daggars drawn

Who between Ndambuki, Mwau 
and Mutula is best siuted as Senator?

THE race for Makueni Senator’s seat is getting more competitive wit the entry of Education Minister Mutula Kilonzo .
What looked a fairly straight fight for Kaiti MP Gedion Ndambuki and Kilome MP John Harrun Mwau will certainly get complicated and more divisive as voters choose who between their sons will be senator.

Before Mwau joined the fray, Ndambuki seemed to be easily sailing but Mwau has clawed back that notion with the use of his countless resources that he is using to whitewash the county. Now the battlefields will be in Kibwezi East, Kibwezi West and Makueni Constituencies, assuming that the candidates will lock the votes in their respective home constituencies.
Going by the situation on the ground, Ndambuki would be the man to beat if the voting was done today, given the fact that he covered miles campaigning while Mwau and Mutula were still undecided. Among them, Ndambuki  scores highest in visibility and availability in the constituency. Besides, he has build a name for himself as an achiever MP for Kaiti.
Ndambuki surprised his supporters when he chose to vie for  Makueni Senate seat even as he was deemed by many to be more suitable as Governor, being the mover he has been for Kaiti constituency.
Mutula’s entry to the race is even shocker owing to the way he has handled matters in Mbooni. Even as he seeks votes, his biggest drawback will be in Mbooni where there is doubt that he can win any election in the constituency. His biggest challenge will come from the manner he has handled the CDF kitty, leaving it to be mismanaged and offering a deaf ear to wailing constituents. All along, he has never behaved as he would ever seek another elective seat in Ukambani.
After keeping his supporters guessing for long, the outspoken minister said he had decided to break his long silence over the candidature following “pressure from Makueni County residents”.”Makueni voters have been pushing me to declare my stand on the position of Senator. Who is Mutula to let them down”?, he posed.
There hardly is any big difference between Mwau and Mutua as far as constituency work is concerned since both are laid back and appear to view constituency affairs as a big bother, effectively leaving it to their staff to deal with the voters.
But if Makueni voters are looking for laid back leaders to send to the Senate, then they have good choices in Mutula and Mwau. If they are looking for people who are difficult to find in the county and are far removed from their day to day lives, then the two will provide a good pair to choose from.
The Constitution of Kenya sets out the job of senators as the trustees of sorts of county governments. Article 96(1) says “ The Senate represents the counties and serves to protect the interests of the counties and their governments”.
The Constitution also sets out three other tasks for the Senate as participation in law making affecting the counties by Parliament, determining the allocation of resources to the counties and participation of oversight of State Officers in determining any resolution to remove the President or his Deputy from office.
In choosing between Ndambuki, Mutula and Mwau, Makueni voters must be alive to the fact that the Senate will be a place of ideas, strategy and deft negotiations. It will be a place where only strategic thinkers will make an impact. So as they choose, they must evaluate each one of them and see who among them can best represent the interests of the county f Makueni in the county. For each of them is claiming to have what it takes to be senator. Mutula says he is going for the seat because he has what it takes. Ndambuki so claims and Mwau has said it for the umpteenth time.
It is not time for a gamble,for any county that will elect weak leaders will lag behind in development. Voters  need to elect competent Senators and Governors if they expected their County to compete effectively with the rest”, he added.
In the race for Governor, Prof. Kivutha Kibwana, Prof Philip Kaloki, Mr Tom Luusa, Retired General Jones Mutwii, City Businessman Cosmas Muthembwa, former  Makueni MP Peter Maundu, Machakos medic Dr Peter Kilonzo and Mr Mutua Syomwenzwa have all hit the road seeking to be the first CEO of Makueni.
In the race for County Women Representative, former Kibwezi MP Mrs Agnes Ndetei is in the ring along with Former nominated MP Grace Mwewa, Mrs Eunice Munanye, Ms Carol Malinda and Ms Victoria Kioko.
No doubt, the Governor will be the most influential person as head of the County Government and must essentially be a good manager to oversee prudent use of the massive resources that will go to the county.
Obviously, anyone of the candidates with a proven track record in management of public resources, has high integrity levels and is a performer will be the right person for the seat. Just who will this be?
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