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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Machakos Governor appoints cabinet

Dr Mutua with his cabinet
The following are Members of the Machakos County Executive Committee as appointed by the Governor of Machakos Dr Alfred Mutua

1. Department of Public Service, Labour and Information, Communication & Technology (ICT)
Deputy Governor Hon. Bernard Kiala

2. Department of Land, Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
Joshua N. Musili (Constituency: Mwala)

Governor’s comments: Mr. Joshua Musili is one of the most dynamic Machakos professionals who has served in many capacities in Government and private sector. He is currently a director with Rural Electrification authority and has been the major player in getting rural electrification project funds allocated to Machakos county. He is a respectable man and will help the county in utilizing land as a resource, solving land issues and ensuring Machakos county is a “green” county with abundant electrical power.

3. Department of Transport, Roads, Public Works and Housing
George Luka Kioko (Constituency: Matungulu)

Governor’s comments: Mr. George Kioko Luka is a versatile officer who has vast experience working for both the previous local governments and central governments. He holds a Master of Social science in development administration and a BA in Economics. His vast experience as an undersecretary in the central government treasury ministry and private sector makes him ideal to manage his assigned portofolio.

4. Department of Health and Emergency Services
Naomi Mutie (Constituency: Kathiani & Machakos town)

Governor’s comments: Mrs. Naomi Mutie is a hand-on health profession who has worked for the central government’s Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation in various stations. Currently she is the Senior Pulic Health Officer in Athi River District and has been in charge of public health officers including doctors and nurses.. She understands what needs to be done to fix the problem of health care in Machakos. Her training (Masters in community health and development), experience and energy make her the ideal person to steer Machakos towards universal health care.

 5. Department of Water, Irrigation and Sanitation
Eng. Francis Wambua Maliti (Constituency: Yatta)

Governor’s comments: Mr. Francis Maliti, is currently one of the implementors of Vision 2030 and is credited with his zeal for policy formulation and implementation. He has 22 years experince in Government and has been succesful in negotiating for investments and project fundings from development partners. Machakos county will need a lot of money to realize its water agenda and Mr. Maliti is better placed to raise funding and to oversee implementation of water projects. In addition, he is trained in industrial engineering.

6. Department of Trade, Economic Planning and Industrilization
Dr. Sunil Kumar Dhall

Governor’s comments: Dr. Sunil Dhall is one of the most succesful investors in Kenya and the region and understands international and local trade. A trained Veterinary doctor, he ventured into business early and is reknown as one of the leading industrialists in the region. Machakos county will benefit from his ability to attract both local and international investors to set up factories in every constituency that are vital in creating employment for our youth.

7. Department of Decentralized Units, Urban areas and Municipalities
Helena Kiilu (Constituency: Mavoko)

Governor’s comments: Ms. Helena Kiilu is one of the most respected pioneer women administrators in Kenya. Currently serving as the County Commissioner in Embu county, she has vast experince in the formation and management of government departments. She holds an MBA in strategic management, a BA in administration and is currenly pursuing a PhD. She has represented Kenya in many international fora and will be able to set-up an efficient devolved structure up to the village level.

 8. Department of Education, Youth and Social Welfare
Ruth Nduku Mutua (Constituency: Masinga)

Governor’s comments: Mrs. Ruth Nduku Mutua is a community development specialist with a a Masters degree in community health and development. While working in the central government, she has been instrumental in developing education curricula for health education, women and youth empowerment. She understands the challenges we face in Machakos county and the importance of facilitating youth, from the moment they enter school to getting jobs.

9. Department of Tourism and Culture
Faith Wathome Kithu (Constituency: Kathiani)

Governor’s comments: Mrs Faith Kithu has over 25 years work experience in tourist management and marketing. She is currently the Director of Marketing – Africa Women in Tourism Alliance. She has served in the Brand Kenya board, at Kenya Wildlife Institute and is the founding Chairperson of the Kenya Association of Women in Tourism. She has a BA from Nairobi University and Professional Diploma in Tourism and Administration from Utalii college. She understands the tourism sector and how to tap into the many tourism opportunities we have in our beautiful Machakos county.

10. Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Cooperative Development.
Larry Wambua (Constituency: Machakos Town)

Governor’s comments: Mr. Larry Wambua is a senior advocate of the High Court of Kenya who understands the challenges facing cooperative revival in Machakos county. In addition to his vast legal experience, he has a passion for agriculture and understands the subsidy system that we intend to apply in order to make Machakos county food secure. He is action oriented and knows how to translate policy into action – no more hunger in Machakos!

11. Department of Finance and Revenue Collection
VACANT – to be filled in two weeks time. (Constituency: Kangundo)

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