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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Kitui March revenues rise steadily

Governor’s Press Service
April 8, 2018

The turnaround trend in revenue performance entered its fourth consecutive month in March 2018, rising 20 percent above targets.

The rise began late last year with Month-on-month comparisons indicating significant improvement from Kshs. 38.6 Million recorded in a similar period last year to Kshs. 46.3 Million posted in March this year.

A briefing statement by County Treasury Executive Ms Mary Nguli  issued today said  the consistent revenue growth and improved revenue payer compliance shown is an indication of right policies and positive reforms being implemented by the county. “The growth is a general indicator of improved services to the people of Kitui. People are more willing to pay for services now than before" said Ms Nguli.

Specific analysis of the performance by the various divisions showed Kitui Rural and Kitui Central  with the best performance compared to other regions. Mwingi North Mumoni  and Tseikuru , Mwingi West,  and Kitui Town Administration also performed very well. 

Those that performed below target include Mwingi Town Administration, Kitui East and Kitui South, with Mwingi Central Division having performed most dismally. 

Going forward, the county intends to widen the revenue base, seal revenue leakages and institute other revenue administration reforms to further improve revenue performance. These, coupled with timely release of funds from the National Government and expanding partnerships with development partners will ensure that the county is well funded and is able to fully support government programmes under the Governor's five pillar manifesto. 

Ms Nguli expressed confidence that the county is now well grounded on a sound financial footing and is on a development trajectory. "We have been well guided by Governor Ngilu and have attained a paradigm shift in use of resources to programmes that directly benefit and with highest economic impact on Musangi's welfare" said Nguli, and added; "With this kind of visionary leadership by Her Excellency, the county's resources are being put to their most efficient use and soon the results will be felt by all".

The recent reform in this area is the ongoing revenue automation exercise that Mrs. Ngilu champions as a sure way of bringing efficiency in revenue collection so as to effectively fund her government.

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