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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Quit now, Sakwa tells Mlolongo traders

Seven-Day quit order 
for Mlolongo traders

Machakos county commissioner Matilda Sakwa has issued traders operating on road reserve in Mlolongo with a seven day notice to relocate to allow for effective operations of the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA).
Machakos County Commissioner Matilda Sakwa addressing security officicers at Mlolongo today
Sakwa said the Machakos county security team is partnering with KenHA to ensure that the road reserve along Mombasa Road, especially in Mlolongo is clear.

"KeNHA wants to ensure the road reserve is clear. We are partnering with the government's road construction agency to ensure that it achieves this," said Sakwa.
She spoke during a public sensitization meeting in Mlolongo town on Wednesday.
Sakwa said the traders had long been served with a one month notice which had expired.
She said some of the businessmen who had equally encroached the road reserve had moved their structures and wares while some 'adamant' ones are still trading along the road.
"The affected people have been given seven more days to move, KeNHA had earlier issued them with a one month notice that had expired," added Sakwa.
Sakwa said such traders deal in sand, mechanics, motor vehicle spare parts, food viosks, bodaboda operators, and hawkers.
"They are aware that they should be moving out of the road reserve. It is incredible to see sand harvesters bringing and trading on their sand here," said Sakwa.
"It is important that our road reserve is taken care of, we want to see that tracks to and from Mombasa are cleared very fast at the Mlolongo Weighbridges," added she.
She said tracks and other vehicles should not be parked along the highway in Mlolongo town.
Sakwa noted that such vehicles spoil tarmacked roads while stationary due to oil spillage, block the road thereby leading to traffic dreadlocks and harbour criminals hence contributing to insecurity in the area.
She said KeNHA had already started the exercise of removing parked trucks and trailers from the highway.
The commissioner said those adamant to relocate will be forcibly evicted in line with the law.
"It is illegal to do business on the road reserve. This is an international highway. If you block the road, traffic becomes slow hence congestion," said Sakwa.
"We are not going to allow that, we will help KeNHA to ensure the road reserves are clear."
Sakwa said those who will further resist, will be arrested and their structure forcibly brought down to pave way for KeNHA's operations.

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