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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Malili: Time for truth


From the Editor
Mr Mutua needs to shed
light on Malili Millions
I have seen that Mr Eric Mutua is candidate for LSK Chairmanship. He says he is set to picket to protect the public. 
As a journalist, I have extensively covered the Malili fiasco where some farmers were shortchanged- being paid Sh 1.1m instead of Sh 1.4 for their parcels of land. It was alleged that they were being paid the less amount because some directors- who were then facing theft charges- had allegedly stolen the cash. Eventually, the court found that to be untrue and set free the directors. The truth was that the money the directors had been paid was for land they had bought from other ignorant farmers. Mr Mutua is the man who issued cheques to pay the directors and he knew the facts.
As the case progressed, Mr Mutua and the new team of directors made payments to about 112 farmers who had not received their dues- less a cool Sh 300,000. Police have not investigated this matter conclusively and Mr Mutua needs to explain this matter transparently- detailing how he paid out cash to farmers and whoever else- including Mr Kamotho Waiganjo of the NCIC.
I believe this is not asking for too much from a person wishing to be chair of the LSK.
Details of the Malili fiasco that led to change of name of the planned city to Konza City are available.
-Martin Masai

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