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Monday, 19 March 2012

Questions galore in Mbooni CDF Feb- March 2012

Corruption claims 
mount in Mbooni CDF

By Kiio Waita
 in Wote

The 15 members of the Mbooni CDF seem to have the power and pro­tection to swindle the unsuspecting residents of Mbooni by dipping their fingers in the CDF kitty during broad day light.For the last 4 years only the CDF committee members have been dis­trib­uting development funds to projects of their own choice contrary to the laid down government pro­ce­dures that locational de­vel­opment committees identify, and prioritize resident’s preferred projects then forward minutes fully signed by committee mem­bers to the CDF committee for allocation of de­vel­opment funds.

Mbooni chiefs, councilors and other stake-holders are reduced to mere spec­tators as project management committees (PMC) corruptly collude with the CDF lead­ership so  that only their projects receive funding. Only those “who know how to talk” benefit from the kitty since the leaders say “This is kipindi cha lala salama”.

According to an official of a Makueni based CBO who declined to be named, bursary funds are distributed and awarded at the chairman’s pleasure thanks to and uncaring MP Mr Mutula Kilonzo who has left the CDF kitty in the hands of Cllr. Nzeki Mutulili the councilor of Kyuu/Nzeveni ward.
In  January, 2012 for example, Cllr. Mutulili awarded close to Ksh 5 million in bursaries to all the  applicant students from his Kyuu/Nzeveni ward to popu­larize himself politically, the official said.
The Anchor has established that some high school students received up to Sh 30,000. Others who benefitted are teachers and civil servants admitted in universities in parallel courses.
 Not a single student from the other 10 wards received even a penny not even, those from Kisau ward where Cllr. Jackson Ngovi himself a member of the CDF committee comes from. This means that even some officials of the CDF committee do not know what is going.
“Clrr. Nzeki Mutulili himself is a big beneficiary of the CDF; he has been using the CDF kitty to pay for his university education, his wife’s KMTC education and his children high school education. How else
would he be financing education for all his family members si­mul­ta­neously considering his peanut councillor’s allowance.”, asked the official who added that it appeared that the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission was unwilling to intervene in the matter. Multiple sources say the Kyuu/Nzeveni ward projects of Mr Mutulili receive the lions share of the funds government allocate to Mbooni though CDF. Nzeki has not produced a single list of bursary beneficiaries ever since he was imposed to the Mbooni residents as CDF chairman by the Justice Minister. The Mbooni CDF  posts no new entries for bursaries in the Web page for the CDF.

The Anchort has reliably es­tab­lished that white-collar crimes are taking place daily within the Mbooni CDF literally under the watch of the Mbooni MP and other law en­forcement agencies.
The CDF chairman enjoys a darling relationship with the Justice minister without question. Early 2010 all the Mbooni councilors and other stake-holders including members of TAA development forum  raised alarm over the misuse, swindling, em­bezzlement, mis­appro­priation, mis­appli­cation, and outright theft of public funds by the CDF committee forcing the Justice minister to claiming front of the Vice President and thou­sands of people at a public rally at Tawa market that he had disbanded the CDF committee and asked the councillors to forward names of credible professional in­di­viduals from Mbooni wards to replace  the  Nzeki led committee.
 Councillor Oscar Kalia of Kiteta ward was mandated by the Justice minister to co­or­di­nate election of the “new” CDF members which he dully forwarded to the min­is­ter for appointment; that was never to be for the minister was seemingly playing games with the minds of the Mbooni residents. Mutulili is still the chairman of the Mbooni CDF and no action has been taken against him.
The KACC recently listed that it had recovered cash misused at Mau Drift, the first project that Mutulili handled as CDF chairman with ac­ri­mo­nious results. But no one has been prosecuted over the matter so far and a raid into Mbooni CDF offices by anti corruption staff seemingly ended without action.  After that incident all and sundry are convinced that indeed Cllr. Nzeki is Mutula’s blue eyed boy.
Cllr. Nzeki Mutulili has since grown horns.  Resident now complain that he does not answer phones even from leaders  He uses the CDF Land Rover as his per­sonal vehicle, he is always chauffer  driven to attend council meetings at council chambers to the chagrin of other councilors and government officers who are irritated as to why  he is permitted to misuse government vehicle on personal business.
Efforts to get a comment from Cllr. Nzeki bore no fruit.

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