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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Main Story: VP hangs loosely The Anchor, February-March 2012

VP's Friends and 
foes act same way

By Martin Masai

No matter how one wants to look at, a teaming ensembles of people are baying for the blood of Kalonzo Musyoka for various reasons.They are his close associates, his adversaries in politics, some come from his inner court and worse still they remain unknown in clear terms in the sense of wolves in sheepskin.
Delicate Balance for Kalonzo Musyoka

His detractors are swooping down on him like hungry vultures even as he faces them. From his compatriots in G7- to his henchmen in the Wiper Democratic Party, their maneuvers are the same and are aimed at vanquishing the man from Mwingi. So who are these men and why do they want him finished?
Unbelievably, one shocking reality is that his right hand man Johnson Muthama has not attended key Wiper meetings in the last few months. Instead, he has been appearing in meetings with Kiraitu Murungi to prop un the PNU Alliance party of Kenya.
Once The Anchor asked him why he was missing these meetings, Muthama said he was finding himself embarrassed that he went with the VP to London to open a PNU Alliance office and now the VP was busy building the Wiper brand   “ I do not want to be associated with a party that can not sell outside Ukambani”, Muthama said at the time. He missed two meetings held at Maanzoni Hotel and another in Yatta, the VP’s new home away from Mwingi.
Matters have not been helped by the straight shooting Mutula Kilonzo- the Wiper Party’s John the Baptist who invented the slogan “Wiper” that eventually became the name of the party. His clamour for no candidature for Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto due to the Hague debacle now proves to be Kalonzo’s undoing- and he will not stop, the damage it is doing Kalonzo notwithstanding.
The VP’s rivals- Uhuru and Ruto now openly distrust him and even as they appear together in the so called prayer and peace meetings, they, including Kalonzo remain at daggers drawn in a tempo that seeks to spill blood at the alter of political expediency.
But the worst factor facing the VP is the backyard mentality. While other communities have a tendency to encircle and empower their own and thrust him to the national arena, it is not the same with the Akamba. For the VP is fighing tooth and nail to  salvage his past support at home.
In terms of communal support, fortunes for Mr Musyoka have debauched to levels of desperation that if his arch rival Mrs Charity Ngilu visits Machakos today, the VP would rather skip a national event and be almost at the same spot the next day. So bad is the situation that the VP has been telling those opposed to him that they will carry curses across seven generations “for opposing the Akamba” (meaning him) and even vowing to crush whoever it is in the process.
The most incapacitating factor for the VP is his suicidal configuration- he is surrounded by hack men whose agenda is to make quick money- and he disburses it hastily when they concoct a threat so that they can deal with it. Matters have not been helped by the fact that he believes in issues that can not help his ambition to be President of Kenya.
Observers are watching the unfolding scenario with disbelief as this, admittedly is Kalonzo’ best chance to be President for he comes from the right community, he holds the most desirable position of VP has the requisite experience and exposure and is working among a group that is Hague bound and is First among equals in G7.
Why these factors are not working for him may mean he probably is the wrong character. Is he?
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