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Monday, 19 March 2012

County where party offices are defaced: Feb-March 2012

 County where party
 offices are defaced

POLICE are yet to track a gang that defaced The Independent Party Offices in Machakos a while ago.
Suspicion by TIP officials re­volves around a known gang of Wiper Democratic Party who years ago defaced an office belonging to the Orange Demo­cratic Movement (ODM) at Kathome market along the Nairobi- Machakos Road.

Observers wonder why the Wiper party has not opened a single office in Machakos County but were seemingly set to hire people to deface other parties’ offices in the area.Other parties that have opened offices in Machakos County include the Narc- Kenya, National Labour Party and the ODM
Supporters of the Independent Party of Kenya (TIP) got a rude shock when they woke up to find their party office defaced with black paint.
The defacing came few ours before a G7 public rally took place in Machakos town.
The party’s offices situated near SUSU centre Building in Machakos town was raided by unknown people at night and defaced it with black paint.
Following the incident, supporters of the party including those of different political parties con­demned the incident terming it an act of cowardice.
The party leader Mr Kalembe Ndile, de­manded that those be­hind the act be arrested and charged in court claiming they were very well known people.
‘’These are just my well known political detractors who have been behind my political tribulations since long time ago’’ said the former Kibwezi MP.
Mr Ndile appealed to the registrar of political parties in Kenya to institute a strict penalty on those behind his party’s defacing.
He said the new constitution provides for every political party to open offices every where in the forty seven counties without interference.
Condemning the incident, The Narc party leader in Machakos county Mr Davis Musau and the Mbooni Branch Wiper Democratic Movement Party vice chairman Cllr Peter Mwanthi, termed the act as awkward and  impunity of the highest order.
They said the action showed how those scared of other parties were still in the dark days of one party system.
They called on those behind the action to raise to the occasion and be civilised democratically and stop interfering with other parties affairs.
‘’They should take time and read through the contents of the new constitution before engaging themselves in such primitive and uncultured behaviour of people who have lost leadership direction.

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