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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Which way Kenya Police Service?

Is Police Command teetering towards collapse?
THE killing of over 20 Administration Police officers at Kapedo now indicates that the Kenya Police Service is sliding irreversibly to catastrophic levels.

Accounts being told, coming from the police , indicate that basic operational procedures were ignored, leading to the ambush.
Observers are questioning why the operation to recover the police car was not provided with cover in such a dangerous location. Indeed questions need to be asked and answers provided as to the steps taken, leading to the ambush. Such questions include: What informed the composition of the team send to Kapedo that included untested policemen? What precautions were made to offer cover to the operation? What was the operational plan for the team that day? Indeed, someone must take responsibility to this.Police officers are highly trained people such that losing such big numbers indicates that something very wrong is taking place.
Matters have not been helped by reports that the Kenya Police Service and Administration Police are operating under intense rivalries as witnessed when APs forced the release of their boss under arrest by KPS for drunken driving.
Meanwhile names of the 19 police officers killed during the attack can now be revealed.
The officers were killed while escorting a recovery team from Toyota Kenya to retrieve the shell of a police Landcruiser that had been burnt whilst transporting examination papers on October 23, where 3 GSU officers were killed.

1. Kennedy Amasa
2. David Nalwa
3. Kevin Kiarie
4. Joseph Kimani
5. Said Hassan
6. Aden Abdi
7. Jasus Musyoki
8. Kelvin Kanindi
9. Lucas Orengo
10.Edward Ekeno
11.Ekeno Edukon
12.Isaac Maraga
13.Muchina Nalaaba
14.Pius Kaloi
15.Edwin Njoroge
16.Muchui Chaga
17.Daniel Mutuku
18.APC Bonventure Ekwom.

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