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Monday, 15 October 2012

Clinching Machakos Town Seat

Ex allies are Dr Munyaka's
foes in Machakos Town race

By Anchor Reporter

The race for Machakos Town Constituency is heating up with the incumbent Dr Victor Munyaka sending mixed signals on his ability to defend his seat.
Mr Kitheka

His fears are informed by new entrants who were his dependable allies in the last elections- Chamber Boss Simeon Kitheka and Albanus Mustisya, the Knut National Treasurer.
It is unknown what inrtigues made Mutisya withdraw his support for Munyaka. But the rivalry between them seems so intense that Mutisya will stop at nothing to be the Wiper candidate and see Munyaka out. Munyaka told The Anchor that he would fight tooth and nail to ensure that he wins the Wiper ticket and show Mutisya that politics is different from running Knut affairs.
Mr Kitheka, a former School Principal and current Chairman of the Machaks Chamber of Commerce and Industry is seeking the seat on  Charity Ngilu’s  NARC party.
Mr Mutisya, a former Machakos Knut Executive Secretary has thrown his hat into the ring and will first have to battle it ut with Dr Munyaka for the Wiper ticket- meaning that Kitheka will have to face either of them at the ballot. Other contestants in the race include a Director with Tanathi Water Services Board Mr Charles Kimeu. The list is long
Kitheka is fabled for his organizational abilities and has a known rapport with the Machakos Business community who are determined more than ever to get one of their own to be Member of Parliament.
One such organization was seen recently when he marshaled business people to a meeting with Mrs Ngilu at Kenyatta Stadium that also attracted the attendance of two gubernatorial candidates Ms Wavinya Ndeti and Dr Mutule Kilonzo.
Mr Kitheka, popularly known as Simo is banking on the votes in the municipality, coupled with his home of origin- Iveti Hills- where he is the only candidate seeking the seat- to have an edge. Besides, he is banking on the youth vote, women groups that he works with and various church groups.
Mr Kitheka says there has been a great challenge for investors in Machakos county  but he explains that he would together with the Municipal Council of Machakos to help fight all the hardships that traders face.
Among the issues Kitheka has made his agenda is the utilization of local resources to the benefit of locals. He says he would ensure that contracts are awarded to locals who have the capacity and determination to give value for money. “ We will not allow cash meant to be here to be used  out there. Local traders who have the capacity to work must be give the opportunity”, he says
Business within Machakos has been skewed to favour  external contractors who get bulky contracts while locals secure small contracts Recent examples are the Machakos-Kathiani road and Komarock-Kangundo road.

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