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Monday, 15 October 2012

Battle on TV

Aspirants for Governor's 
seat clash on Live TV debate

By Terry Nzau

SIX people from among whom the Gov­er­nor of Machakos is likely to be elected forced a Television station to put off a heated live TV show after the show became rowdy.

For five minutes the morning breakfast show in Citizen Tv was disrupted after two of the invited guest who are eyeing for Macha­kos County governors seat almost went physical. It took in­ter­vention of the moderator Jimmy Gathu to stop the power breakfast show for at least three minutes in order to cool down the tempers which had already risen to ex­tremes, exposing the soft side of who is likely to head the Machakos County.
The two- Kathiani MP Wavinya Ndeti and former government spokesman Alfred Mu­tua were agitated by each other after they were questioned concerning their in­teg­rity. In­stead of going the right way of explaining to the electorate why they think their in­teg­rity was not questionable, they en­tangled themselves into personal attacks, blame game and a lot of unnecessary yapping.
It also exposed the weakness of the pre­senter for allowing the aspirants to ex­change words directly and abdicating his moderation role.
The morning show which came in the wake of another live debate show hosted by NTV at Machakos Garden Hotel on Sunday night brought into limelight hatred and fight that exist between the aspirants. It was dis­gusting and disrespectful for the two aspirants, one of whom may be entrusted lead­ership to go on national television in tantrums at each other even without putting into con­sid­er­ation ethical basis in which they stand for.
Others onboard were fresh defector from NARC to TNA for the same seat Dr. Mutule Kilonzo, Eng.Titus Ndundu, former NSIS op­erative Jimmy Mumina and  former Wa­ter Minister Mutua Katuku.
All the aspirants seemed to lack identity in terms of ideologies and manifestoes to drive them through if any assumes office as county governor.
But they all seemed glued to the issue of water provision. Wavinya, Katuku and Ndundu who seemed say that water was the solution to the progress of Machakos county.  Much as they prioritized water as the major problem no one seemed to have concretized ideas on how he/she could end the water shortage in the area.
Viewers must have been lost on if any of the candidates could deal with water, not­with­standing the fact that one of them was a water minister  and that three other leaders from Ukambani- Paul Ngei, Kyale Mwendwa and now Mrs Charity Ngilu have been Min­is­ters for water.
Eng.Ndundu who is a retired army officer and always seeming happy with himself brought the show into some excitement af­ter he said he would build casinos and mansions in the county so as to attract in­vestors and tourists who will be visiting the area to see for them­selves the next big ICT centre. All the other aspirants seemed to disagree with his idea, terming it as vague and inapplicable especially at a time when Machakos resi­dents don’t have food for their families.
The issue of Wiper party having a big say in “Ukambani”politics emerged in a great way after Dr Alfred Mutua,Mutua Katuku and Eng Titus Ndundu confessed they would use the party to clinch the seat.
It was surprising the way all of them de­fended themselves concerning this after they were unable to say why they feel Wiper party was the best party for them. To Ndundu he said wiper was the renowned party in the area and is associated with the Vice Presi­dent Kalonzo Musyoka and would au­to­matically give him a walk over the other aspirants.
 Surprisingly, when asked incase Kalonzo jumped into a coalition with another party would he abide by wiper party or move in the new party, he said “I will always go where the VP is.” These issues clearly showed most of our leaders are in par­ticu­lar parties be­cause of the leaders and not what the party stands for in terms of mani­fes­toes.
“I have always stood by my principles and will never waver like the Wiper, my party is Chama cha uzalendo, period!I was voted into parliament through it even at the time of the political dominance of ODM-K.” This were the final words of Wavinya Ndeti. 
The debates are good as they are showing voters what the candidates stand for. By and large, is seems that all the aspirants to be governor of Machakos have a long way to go in providing a road map to pros­perity.
They have all variously shunned the Macha­kos County Development Forum which has been meeting for over one year now to aggregate a Strategic Plan for the County. The Forum is using the Con­sti­tu­tional Provision that requires County Gov­ernments’ decision must be in­formed by citizens’ participation.

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