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Monday, 15 October 2012

Machakos Launches County Strategic Framework

Machakos County
shows leadership

Mr Musyoka, Chair, Machakos County Development Forum

In November 2011, Machakos Citizens led by the County Development Forum in partnership with Kenya Mpya, an I Choose Life-Africa initiative, embarked on a journey in line with the new constitution and Vision 2030.

The objective was to conduct an assets mapping of the County, develop a Strategic Framework, leadership job specifications based on the Framework which was to be used for the vetting of the future leadership through the use of a Leadership Selection Score Card.
Kenya Mpya1 is a movement of Kenyans that seeks to bring about an issue-based, people-centered, result oriented and people centered leadership in the county as a key for accelerated national development.
The movement is not a political front for any party or individual but seeks to be a catalyst for achieving Vision 2030 within the counties. Kenya Mpya believes that for Kenya to achieve Vision 2030, the Vision must be cascaded to the county level and owned and driven by the citizens who will in turn be a catalyst towards achieving it.
The overall objective of Kenya Mpya is to equip the counties to deliver Vision 2030.  Kenya Mpya, in partnership with Vision 2030 Delivery Secretariat (VDS), and through an open and competitive process, have selected 10 Model Counties to participate in the programme: Homa Bay, Kericho, Kiambu, Kisumu, Machakos, Meru, Narok, TaitaTaveta, Mombasa and Wajir.
Kenya Mpya will work with these counties to achieve the following specific objectives:
1.    To develop and disseminate community owned and led strategic plans that ensure community prioritization and give a road map for people focused development and aligned to Vision 2030 for the 10 Model Counties.
2.    To empower county residents in the 10 Model Counties to elect competent leaders capable of delivering the county strategic plans through development, dissemination and dialogue on the Leadership Selection Score Card
3.    To support counties to successfully implement their strategic plan through institutional strengthening of the county government and the CSOs within the CountyMachakos County launches her Strategic Framework on October 27, 2012. Residents from all the 8 Constituencies will attend the launch after which a dissemination period will follow. The goal of the Civic education on the Framework is such that all the residents can have on united mental picture of their desired future.Once the Machakos Citizens have a clear picture of their desired future, it is hoped that they will be able to elect competent leaders who are able to bring about that future. The process of arriving at the caliber of leaders will be participatory and will require a lot of civic participation. It is this process in mind that a Leadership Selection Score Card will be disseminated at the launch and to the rest of the residents in the following months.

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