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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mwala MP to account for silence in House

Muoki has fight
in his hands

Mr Musau at launch of his bid
Mwala MP Daniel Muoki is a man under siege as campaigns in his constituency be­come nasty, with sideshows taking the center stage.

Muoki’s opponents have zoned the con­stituency to lock him out, es­pe­cially in ar­eas where he has had hostile re­ception in the re­cent past. He dismisses his oppo­nents and promises to fight to retain the seat un­der the Wiper Party.
There are five zones in Mwala con­stituency that are always crucial at ev­ery election are Wamunyu, Yathui, Vyulya, Masii and Mbiuni. A spot check by shows that new as­pirants are also taking advantage of the constituency’s complex voting pattern in which nothing can be taken for granted.
Mwala constituency is an electoral con­stituency and one of the six con­stituency in Macha­kos County es­tab­lished for the 1988 elections.
Gideon Nzioki Wambua (KANU) was elected as the first legislator followed by Peter M. Kavisi of who was elected on a KANU in 1992.In 1997 John Mutua Katuku was elected on SDP ticket and in 2002.
Those who have pub­licly declared their in­terest include Dr Faith Ndunge Muli, law­yer Benjamin Musau,youthful Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau  and Mr Mu­tua Kilungu, Daniel Muange, Albanus Muthama and Charles Kioko from Kibauni.
Speaking at Masii market during a launch od his cam­paign, Benjamin Musau said his goal is to turn Mwala into a pros­perous commu­nity rich in oppor­tu­nities and better quality of life for its citizens. “I pledge to work hard to attract in­vestment and build factories providing quality em­ployment for our youth and the people of Mwala” he told the gathering.
Engineer Musyoka is likely to complicate matters for the incumbent as he has re­cently come in forcefully and appears to still en­joy some fanatical support at his strongholds.
Musyoka accuses the MP of managing the CDF cash poorly, saying he should be kicked out and accusing him of having failed to deliver.
In 2002 elections, former water minister Mu­tua Katuku vied on the NARC and beat Mr Muoki who, incidentally had played a leading role in the MP’s 1997 election cam­paigns.
Mr Muoki was poised to bag the Narc ticket, but it was Mr Katuku, then a close ally of Mrs Charity Ngilu, who benefited from di­rect nomi­nation.
But the historical entrant Dr Faith Muli has send shivers down the spines of the male hopfuls.
Dr Muli is a founder chairperson of the Ukamba Professional Society for Socio-Eco­nomic Development for all uni­ver­sities in Kenya, and is eying the Liberal Party of Kenya ticket.
According to Mwala residents,they voted for a change in the flawed 2008 General elections only to feel later that may have taken the wrong person for the job. That the in­cum­bent MP is a non performer remains very de­batable and those who take po­sitions over the matter have valid points to drive home. But there is no denying that he shivers eact time he neteres Parliament that making a speech in the house has become a nightmare.
On this note, the people of Mwala can jus­ti­fiably say that they lack a voice in par­liament. Do they want their voice heard in the next par­liament? Well, there lies the question whose answer may not favour the in­cum­bent. “Actually, he went to the parliament to sit, lis­ten and watch” sums up a voter in Masii.
In 2007,a man from humble background Mr Kilungu resigned from the Kenya Bureau of Standards terming the performance of the incumbent Mr Katuku wanting, especially in matters affecting the youth.
Kilungu, having grown up and educated by a sponsor from Scotland had vowed to Sponsor orphans in the grassroots schools. Although his efforts rendered futile even af­ter he won the nomination, thanks to gangsters running the ODM-K nomination.

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